English - Air curtains

Air curtains are devices used to separate two spaces from each other. Usually, air curtains are composed by a fan or several fans which are blowing a stream of air toward the floor. Most of the time air curtains are installed inside the entrance, above the door.
Air curtains are intended to retain the inside cold or warm air and to keep it clean.
Air curtains are also intended to avoid the penetration of external cold or warm air to a specific environment. Air curtains also help keeping a clean zone by avoiding penetration of insects, pollution and fumes.
Air curtains are in used in environment where closing the door is not recommended.
For example, living the door open in commercial applications for free customer access is a marketing proved way to increase the number of customers.

If the wind blowing from outside has a low speed, a standard air curtain could be effective but if the wind is particularly strong it would be recommended to use high performance air curtains. High performance air curtains are more designed for industrial environments where strong, high speed and noisy air stream could be acceptable. In stores and other commercial environments, a low speed and quiet unit would be required to respect customers and employees comfort.

The two main kinds of air curtains are: heated air curtains and ambient air curtains (non heated air curtains).
Ambient air curtains are using the inside air in a recirculation way.
Heated air curtains are equipped with heating electrical resistances or hot water heating system. In this kind of air curtains, the recycled air is reheated.

Ambient air curtains are often used for cold storage and cold rooms applications.
In this kind of application, air curtains are contributing in an effective energy saving by reducing heat transfer between two zones when doors are open.


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